Heartland Jeep Castle Hill - Breach of Confirmed Delivery Date


I ordered a Jeep Laredo and was promised and confirmed that I could collect it today, Jan 18, 2013. When I called yesterday the dealership to confirm, nobody knows anything. I called in today and was advised the jeep is still in the air.

When I asked for the name and contact numbers of managers, I was advised all the managers are not available and they will not even give me their contact numbers.

I'm very angry, not impressed with the jeep dealer, very frustrated.

I will be talking to people about the treatment I'm getting from Jeep.

grrrrr, grrr, grrr, grrrr, grrrr

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very bad customer service at the same castle hill dealer. broken promises.

Supplying a car with damage. rude staff, Daniel Kho is one little rude man.

took 8 weeks for an issue to be resolved and most of the info i was told were lies!

never buy anything from them!

Chatswood, New South Wales, Australia #659201

Hmmm... Interesting complaint. I guess the dealer did not want to take your money and the salesman didnt want to get paid, but I find that hard to believe as they love taking our money.... All sale contracts allow the dealer a certain amount of time to deliver the vehicle as they are at the mercy of the manufacturer to supply... If there was an abundance of jeeps in the country, then your resale value would be *** (like Hyundai and Kia)

The better the product, the longer the wait.

Sounds more like you have the issue and want this car so bad, like a child in a candy store?? Or is it that the vehicle you are trading is on its last legs, or running out of registration?

Nobody posts their legitimate reasons online, just their version of events!!

I've bought 2 cars from this dealer and always got a better deal by purchasing a vehicle they had in stock

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